Maegan Crowley, Blacksmith

Maegan Crowley
 Dolores, CO


Double Wide Candlesticks by Maegan Crowley

 Maegan Crowley was born and raised in Washington Township, New Jersey.  She received a BFA from the University of the Arts in Metalsmithing where she was first introduced to blacksmithing.  She continued her education to earn her MFA from Cranbrook Academy. 

 Maegan has taught blacksmithing workshops at Haystack, Penland Ox-Bow and Peters Valley Craft Center as well as the New England School of Metalwork.  She held a lecturer position teaching metalsmithing at the Univeristy of the Arts in Philadephia.  She was a recipient of the American Crafts Council Emerging Artists Grant in 2002 and has demonstrated at numerous regional blacksmithing conferences across the country.

 Maegan owns and operates her own shop in Dolores, CO where she produces custom iron work for residential, public and commercial sites.  She also continues to develop her sculpture fulfilling her need to develop works of art that emphasize the detailed beauty of nature.  Her work is in private collections and exhibited nationally.

  She is one of a handful of women architectural blacksmiths in the world.  The work is hot, hard and dirty and Maegans is exceptional.



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  1. J. Cunningham
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 14:17:39

    While I can’t rate this book with5 stars, I think it’s an excellent book if you’ve some extra cash. The pictures of Gaudi’s ironwork are probably worth the price. While the techniques shown are pretty basic, and the authors skill is not going to overwhelm you, neither will it intimidate you. I really like that the author is not fixated soley on traditional technique. Tradition has an important place in the blacksmithing craft, but it can be frustratingly slow and take an apprenticeship to aquire. Sometimes you just need to get something done, or have to make a profit and using a torch or grinder can make a lot of sense.


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