Jessica Camilla O’Neal & Arnica Spring

Fashion Design Team
 Crowheart, WY

Vests by Jessica O’Neal and Arnica Spring

Jessica is a singer/songwriter and collector of vintage cowboy boots. Jessi ropes and rides, and lives in a cabin in Dubois Wyoming with her Indian/cowboy husband Rocky. She has the quickest wit of all the sisters on the Triangle C Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming and is always up for a good hard laugh, no matter at whose expense!

Jessica has gone from diapers and cowboy boots to managing the ranch. She provides the musical entertainment and the love of horse knowledge to the ranch. She also has a PHD (Post Hole Digger).

The Cowgirl Junkshow is a fun, fresh, fashionable take on the iconic American cowgirl. Once upon a time in the west two best friends Camilla & Arnica (at the age of 5) began fueling their desire for fashion by making and selling friendship bracelets at the local dude ranch to amused tourists. 25 years and a deep relationship later the girls are on to bigger and better things. They are continuing their desire for creativity and passion for fashion. Growing up in Buffalo Valley, Wyoming, Camilla & Arnica (a.k.a. the Buffalo Valley Gals) obtained a desire to recreate, redesign and influence cowboy couture while still preserving the image of the western lifestyle. Focusing on providing fashionable functional pieces to the women of the west!!

Cowgirl JunkShow Bustier, Hairpiece and Bustle


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